A different Europe

European Congress 2018 in Kassel

A different Europe is possible!
democratic, peaceful, ecological, feminist, based on solidarity

Where: University of Kassel
When: 5th – 7th October

Europe is facing turbulent times. For a decade now the EU has been in crisis, in many countries right-wing populist parties are on the rise, borders are no longer being torn down on the contrary a new “Fortress Europe” is being built. The latently escalating confrontation with Russia and plans for military upgrades are unsettling and what are commonly understood as fundamental European values are being eroded across the board.  All this is happening in an international environment which is increasingly complex and conflict-laden. There is a long list of worrying conditions; where is the glimmer of hope on the horizon?

We are aiming for an intense discussion of these issues at the Congress as there are coincidentally a range of encouraging approaches which give cause for hope that a different Europe can be brought to life. We want to discuss, in solidarity, the diverse struggles, forms of resistance and alternative approaches towards realising this vision. Why does current European and in particular EU policy-making only benefit the rich and powerful and not the many? What are the alternatives from a Good Life for All? How and with whom do we want to bring about change in the European Union and the whole of Europe? Our focus, in line with a mosaic left, is on overcoming differences and finding common ground for joint demands and political campaigns.

The Congress will have various formats providing participants with the opportunity to hear interesting speakers and actively participate in the discussions. There are three key podium dicussions on analysis and visions, transformation strategies, and specific projects, with key-note speakers such as Annelie Buntenbach, Costas Lapavitsas, Frédéric Lordon, Andrea Ypsilanti, Rex Osa, Frank Bsirske and many others. Ten fora with interesting panels will address EU reform, social issues, climate justice, flight and migration, right-wing populism, militarism, economic imbalance, privatisation policies, and democratisation within the European context. Furthermore, there are numerous workshops enabling participant discussion on diverse EU and European issues.

Attac and the University of Kassel Faculty of Social Sciences subdivision Globalisation and Politics invite all those interested to attend this European Congress!